Thursday, August 12, 2010


Controversy in oriya cinema.Never Happened,Nobody Expected.Why? Because small industry.Little amount of investment and little output.No one wants to take risk in small budget.But this time somebody has taken the risk and result in front of you.Ya,your guess is right.I am taking about the movie 

"SWAYAM SIDDHA-A girl on red corridor" which is facing  lot of problem due to its story on
maoist naxals.The BJP youth wing is trying to ban the movie and pointing towards star MP Siddhanta Mohapatra who is the lead actor in the movie.Siddhanta who is playing a maoist leader in the movie is in trouble because of this.Other Star cast includes sunil kumar,new comer payal ,pintoo nanda.Produced by naxatra and directed by Girija Prassanna Mohanty this movie is expected to be release in August.But because of contoversy no body can expect its release. 


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