Saturday, July 10, 2010

We love to cherish the bygone days of Orissa Cinema. But we equally look forward to relish everything thats happening right now in our film community. What are the new Oriya film and television releases? Who is going to emerge winner at our box offices? When will Rajja and Dussahara be declared Oriya Film Festivals? Who did you notice on your latest visit to Keshari Talkies? Find out all about it right here. At Orissa Cinema

Some of the finest cinemas in the world are produced in India. Among them, the very best of ethnic cinemas are produced in the land of Orissa. Devoid of crash commercialized economy and any underground money, movies made in Orissa are possibly reflective of the last stage of celluloid innocence as we have ever known in the history of films. strives to To preserve the various chapters of Orissa cinema history in their pristine and rebellious makeovers, has archived rarest of photographs, and now offers historical perspectives into filmmaking of the bygone eras.

This website has a purpose: To archive information pertaining to Oriya cinema. More specifically, it addresses the new wave cinema movement. To that extent, we are chronicling the life and times of new wave artists, producers and directors. Most of the featured articles, photographs and views relate to the regional creative professionals in the eastern India, and hence, there are certain limitations as to resource availability. Hence we request every concerned reader to support this cause by contributing articles, links and resources.

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